Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is the perfect surgery to correct the damage that results from childbearing, weight gain and surgery. It provides a dramatic change that will boost your confidence and help you look your best in clothes.

Abdominoplasty with Portland Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Richard Bensimon

Dr. Bensimon is a leading provider of tummy tucks in Portland, Oregon. His beautiful results are achieved through careful planning and an advanced surgical approach. Most tummy tucks correct the gap between the muscles (rectus muscles), but Dr. Bensimon also recognizes that pregnancy or weight gain can lengthen the abdominal muscles. He believes it is necessary to correct this for the best contour of the abdomen. This is called vertical and horizontal plication.

Depending on the circumstances, he can sometimes perform a modified abdominoplasty. This procedure utilizes shorter incisions and is less invasive. If necessary he will perform liposuction on your hips at the time of your surgery to help blend your contours.

An incision is made across the lower abdomen, sometimes extending from hip to hip. Great care is taken to create the most inconspicuous scar possible. The muscles are tightened at the time of surgery to correct any muscle weakness you may have (bulging) and add support to the abdomen. A new “belly button” is created that is often an improvement over what you started with.

Your comfort is important to us
During surgery, we take steps to insure you will be comfortable at the end of the operation. We find that if you are not in pain on the night of surgery your entire recovery is considerably easier. Remarkably, most patients wake up from anesthesia with little or no discomfort. All our patients can walk immediately after surgery and, in the majority of cases, the abdominoplasty is performed on an outpatient basis. Dr. Bensimon also takes the time during your tummy tuck to perform a special quilting suture 
technique that eliminates the need for drains post-operatively. Our patients find that they are much more 
comfortable. We believe this technique has made a significant 
difference in improving recovery and is a huge advance in abdominoplasty surgery.

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