Testimonials from our Patients

Dr. Bensimon changed my life.

I was born with a congenital breast deformity called Polands syndrome. Put simply, when I hit puberty, one of my breasts somewhat developed while the other one did not. This condition negatively affected every aspect of my life and I had no hope of it ever being corrected. Young, embarrassed, scared and alone, I told no one and suffered in silence for the ten most crucial years of my adolescence. Finally, at 23 I realized that if I didn’t tell someone about it, nothing would change and I would live like that for the rest of my life. So I made the decision to investigate plastic surgeons in my area. After viewing several centers websites and seeing nothing but large breasted, hot pink lingerie clad “patients of the month,” I finally found … a center that actually seemed to sincerely care about improving/enhancing patients appearances and lives more so than achieving an unrealistic level of “perfection” … Contacting [Dr. Bensimon] was the best decision I could have ever possibly made. I went to the consultation, frightened and embarrassed, but Dr. Bensimon was so sincere and reassuring. He was honest and realistic with me and explained all the possibilities. I knew right away that this was the person I wanted at my side through this experience. Throughout my entire breast augmentation with him he made sure we were on the same page and encouraged me to bring in photos, and encouraged my opinion, and just made sure to involve me completely in the entire process. Any surgeon could have just put implants in and called the outcome good, but Dr. Bensimon really took the challenge of my condition head on. It was a very difficult case (because of the awkward shape and different sizes of my breasts) but he really worked hard to make sure that what he was doing was going to achieve the most natural and symmetrical look possible and the result was way more than anything I could have ever hoped or dreamed for because of my breasts being so awkwardly shaped & different sized, I knew that they may never (even after augmentation) look completely symmetrical, but what he did for me is just amazing.I now have the breasts that I had once dreamed of having. I cannot believe what he has done for me. The outcome is way beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. It was a long process and a couple surgeries (because of the complexity of my condition) but I now look the way I once dreamed of and his experience, knowledge and creative thought made it all possible. Said with no exageration at all, Dr. Bensimon changed my life and my happiness and newfound confidence is owed to him. This is a man that puts his heart into his work and truly cares about his patients. This is exemplified in his exceptional work and the way he treats his patients.

Dr. Bensimon is an outstanding surgeon.

Dr. Bensimon is an accomplished and skilled surgeon who has had a remarkable impact on both myself and my daughter. After having two other consultations with surgeons, my daughter and I consulted with Dr. Bensimon who spent over 90 minutes with us. He demonstrated a level of confidence, knowledge and experience that far exceeded the other consults. We left knowing we had found the best possible surgeon. Dr. Bensimon performed a rhinoplasty combined with deviated septum repair and chin implant on my daughter and she is thrilled with the results. Shortly thereafter, I had chin liposuction, abdominoplasty and internal breast lift with augmentation. The surgery and recovery were both far easier than I anticipated and my results exceeded my expectations. I attribute the ease of both, as well as our positive outcomes, to Dr. Bensimon’s aesthetic eye and extraordinary surgical skills. He is without doubt a talented and gifted surgeon … Dr. Bensimon’s nurse Andrea is wonderful and as knowledgeable as a doctor herself. His caring assistant … is prompt in answering any question with detailed and accurate information. We feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Bensimon and would highly recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.

The perfect dynamic duo.

For those of you who are considering, or on the fence about a consultation with a plastic surgeon, run, don’t walk, to Dr.Bensimon and his fabulous nurse Andrea Stapleton.  As a team they make the perfect dynamic duo.  They both are extremely compassionate, understand your unique situation, and are dedicated to excellency.  My very personal and private procedure with them was handled with the utmost respect, privacy, and I couldn’t be happier.  I am absolutely thrilled with my results, it has completely changed my life and I feel like a new woman. My only regret is not seeing them years ago. I can guarantee as soon as you pick up the phone and make your initial consultation, your experience will be life altering.

Great experience. EXCELLENT results.

Dr. Bensimon is a gifted, talented, skilled surgeon. He is professional, competent and honest. He gives you realistic expectations, works with you, makes you feel comfortable and his results are amazing. I had an internal breast lift and silicon implants replaced. I am one month post surgery and my results are incredible. I put this off for years, interviewing several of Portland’s elite and walked away from them not feeling confident. After my first meeting with Dr. Bensimon I knew I was in good hands. I would highly recommend Dr. Bensimon.

Andrea Stapleton is amazing!

I’ve been to a number of people around town for Botox and fillers over the last couple of years but now that I’ve found Andrea, no more shopping for me. She is simply amazing. This is the best result I’ve ever had. I highly recommend this skilled artist.

Knowledgeable and Professional.

I have been a client of Nurse Andrea Stapleton for the last two years. I am a professional middle-aged woman and felt very self-conscious about seeking Botox injections. I had no idea what to expect or what I should even ask for. Fortunately, Nurse Stapleton sensed my anxiety and immediately put me at ease by explaining the procedure and carefully examining my face. She also uses an anesthetic cream that numbs the treatment area so as she injected me in several places I felt absolutely no pain. Not all Botox providers follow this procedure, consequently the injections can be painful. The day after my first treatment she called to check on how I was feeling and she called once again a week later to inquire about my satisfaction with the results…I highly recommend that anyone who is considering Botox make an appointment for an initial consultation. I know that you will be as pleased as I am with the results.