Skincare Services

Healthy skin is beautiful skin

Expert Clinical Skincare for Women, Men and Teens

Good clinical skincare is not only essential to skin health, it can also take years off your appearance. Our approach combines select services, quality skincare products and regular use of peels. The Bensimon Center skincare team consists of expertly trained individuals who provide treatment plans to improve the appearance and health of skin.

In younger patients, our treatment plans focus on education and prevention by providing skin with the nutrients and protection it needs to slow down aging from oxidative damage. In peri-menopausal and menopausal patients, we focus on age reversal, barrier repair and collagen synthesis. Quality, medical grade skincare products are essential in this process.

Dr. Bensimon has developed a skincare product line to maintain optimal skin health and slow the inevitable aging changes of the face. BensiSkinTM is an easy-to-use skincare system that offers real change. Our products are scientifically validated and all our patients’ results are clinically measurable when compared to baseline photos.

Along with the highest quality, medical skincare products, Bensimon Center skincare experts provide safe and effective treatments for rosacea patients and teenage and adult acne sufferers. Our skincare services also include:

Medical Facials. These deep cleansing facial unclog pores and slough away dead skin. They are an ideal first step in beautiful, glowing, healthy skin.

Dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is a comfortable mechanical exfoliation of the upper dermis. It evens out pigmentation, promotes the growth of healthy new cells and removes fine vellus hair on the face.

Peels. We consider peels an essential component in beautiful, healthy skin. We use them to address the textural changes that occur as a result of loss of collagen, sun damage and repetitive movement of muscles. They provide a fresh, polished look and treat hyper-pigmentation, acne, sun damage and wrinkles.. The more intense the peel is the more dramatic the results. At the Bensimon Center we design peels for your specific needs by altering concentrations and formulations.

Our deep chemical peel is Dr. Bensimon’s propriety BensiPeel.TM This intense peel penetrates the deep structures of the skin to offer the most dramatic result in facial resurfacing available today. We believe our unique approach to skincare can help prevent the progression of basal and squamous cell skin cancer by improving skin health. View our BensiPeelTM before and after images.

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