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“Plastic Surgery Industry Heavyweight”

Portland, OR, October 12, 2016 –  Richard H. Bensimon was cited as “Plastic Surgery Industry Heavyweight” at the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Conference in Gold Coast, Australia. The praise comes from award-winning global aesthetics blogger, Trish Hammond, CEO and founder of Plastic Surgery Hub ( a noted online source for plastic surgery and cosmetic procedure advice. Dr. Bensimon …

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Press Release: Global Medical Device Company Launches Local Surgeon’s Invention

Portland, OR, August 9, 2016 – International medical device company, Tulip (, has just announced the Bensimon Micro Sculptor™, named after Plastic Surgeon and inventor, Richard Bensimon, MD that promises superior fat harvesting and skin tightening without incisions for those seeking cosmetic surgery solutions.

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Picture Perfect Profile: Essential balance in the face can be achieved through Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, or a “nose job,” is one of the most common and widely known of all cosmetic procedures. But why is it so popular? Extremely self-conscious patients come in with personal stories about how they feel their nose has taken center stage to their lives in a less-than-positive-way. It heartens us to know how the efficacy of the surgery in …

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Could a breakthrough chemical peel be the answer to sun-related skin cancers?

According to, over 3.3 million people will develop sun-related skin cancers this year. Hugh Jackman’s experience of multiple basal cell cancer on his face underscores the importance of sun protection. This is not the first time Jackman has been treated for skin cancer. He recently revealed to the world via social media that since 2013, he’s had five procedures to remove cancerous …

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Plastic Surgery Goes Primal

Dr. Bensimon and Mark Sisson at PrimalCon Lake Tahoe, September 26th -29th 2013. Mark Sisson, author of the best-selling book The Primal Blueprint, a manifesto of Paleo diet and lifestyle, headlined the weekend event of didactic lectures and physical activity. Dr. Bensimon, who 18 months ago embraced this intriguing lifestyle, effortlessly lost 35 lbs. “I felt great after the weight …

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The Bensimon Center for Plastic Surgery Opens New Office

Dr. Richard H. Bensimon, one of Portland’s most experienced plastic surgeons, opened his new office in the historic Albers Mill building along the Pearl District waterfront this August. The Bensimon Center for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine will continue to offer a comprehensive surgical and non-surgical solutions for a wide range of face and body procedures at his new location. …

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