Chin Implants

Chin implant surgery can have a profound impact on a patient’s confidence with very little downtime.

Chin Augmentation with Dr. Richard Bensimon

Men and women who suffer from a receding or “weak” chin frequently feel self-conscious about their appearance. Chin implant surgery with Dr. Bensimon is designed to help those patients achieve better balance and proportions. Chin implants can be used to create a stronger chin, widen the chin or even lengthen the face. Depending on your particular objectives and anatomy, Dr. Bensimon may recommend combining chin implant surgery with other procedures like rhinoplasty if the nose is too prominent or liposuction to fine sculpt the face and neck and obtain the most complete result.

Chin implant surgery takes about an hour to perform. It can be done with mild sedation and local anesthesia. Recovery is relatively easy with some mild to moderate swelling that generally resolves within a week. Patients who undergo the procedure often report a marked improvement in their self-confidence and wish they had done it sooner.

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