Cheek Implants

Cheek augmentation provides beautiful full cheeks which not only enhance the foundation of the mid-face but also improve how the face ages.

Cheek Augmentation with Dr. Bensimon

Cheek implants offer a wonderful option for men and women who wish to create the appearance of strong cheekbones, or for those who have lost fullness in the mid-face due to aging. Common aging changes include a hollowed out look around the eyes, increased distance between the cheek and lower eyelid, and a flat appearance in the middle of the face.

Dr. Bensimon performs the procedure by making small incisions inside the mouth above the gum line with no visible external incisions. He hand carves the implants to fit the contours of the face perfectly and provide correction to the precise location needed. The recovery is uncomplicated and the surgery can be performed with mild sedation. The results offer a notable richness to the face and a natural, youthful look. There is also evidence that the face ages better after cheek augmentation due to the support implants provide to prevent tissue from sagging.

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