Brow Lift

Endoscopic brow lift is a minimally invasive procedure to eliminate heaviness in the upper eyelids.

Brow Lifts with Dr. Richard Bensimon

The upper face is one of the first areas to show signs of aging in younger individuals. Sagging or lowering of the forehead and brows can lead to heaviness in the eyes and a tired appearance. Patients often think they need eye surgery when a brow lift may be the better option. Try pulling up the skin just above your eyebrows. If you like what you see, a brow lift may be the right choice to achieve a long-lasting improvement.

Dr. Bensimon’s Surgical Approach
Dr. Bensimon is an expert in minimally invasive, endoscopic brow lift, a relatively new procedure with significant advantages. This technique uses small incisions just behind the hairline. A small camera (endoscope) is inserted to complete the surgery. The endoscopic brow lift avoids large scars from ear to ear, raising the hairline which can make the forehead look bigger, damage to nerves that leaves your scalp feeling numb, and the surprised look of eyebrows that have been raised too high and are not balanced with the rest of the face.

Endoscopic brow lift recovery is minimal. It includes some swelling that lasts about one week. Since the incisions are hidden in the hair, you may comfortably go out the next day.

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