Breast Reduction

Women who undergo breast reduction surgery universally say they wish they had done it sooner. It’s a life altering procedure for relief from chronic discomfort.

Breast Reduction with Dr. Bensimon

Breasts that are too heavy can cause back and neck discomfort, grooving in the skin of your shoulder and rashes in the deep folds under the breasts. These problems worsen with the passing of years and the stretching of skin.

Following breast reduction surgery, you will immediately notice an improvement in many of the symptoms that were bothering you before your surgery. You will look thinner and be in better balance. It will be easier to buy and wear clothes. Your breasts will be more attractive and youthful. Bra shopping will now be fun! This is a life changing surgery that you will appreciate every day.

Dr. Bensimon individualizes breast reduction surgery to the needs of each patient. The incisions are made around the areola (dark part of skin around the nipple) and down the front of the breast from the areola to the fold underneath the breast. In cases of larger breasts, the incision is made along the fold underneath the breast in order to enhance the final shape. The nipple is never removed from the breast. The excess breast tissue and skin are removed and the new breast is reshaped.

Careful attention and time is taken when closing the incisions in surgery to achieve the most minimal scarring. We encourage our patients to wear a special, discreet skin colored tape after surgery. It is comfortable and aids with wound healing. Recovery is rapid. Most patients resume normal activity within a few days and report very little discomfort.

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