Breast Lift

When gravity is no longer your friend, a breast lift is the ideal choice to eliminate sagging, downturned nipples and enlarged areolas.

Breast Lifts with Dr. Bensimon

A breast lift is a very rejuvenating procedure that corrects aging changes and restores a youthful breast shape that is higher on the chest with a natural slope. Dr. Bensimon’s expertise with breast lifts spans more than 25 years.

Shaping and contouring the breasts are an important part of Dr. Bensimon’s surgical approach. The incisions necessary are made around the areola (darker area of skin around nipple) and down the middle of the breast from the areola to the fold underneath the breast. Dr. Bensimon is careful to keep the incisions short. Occasionally, another incision may be made along the fold of the breast, especially if the breast is larger.

Careful attention and time is taken when closing the incisions in surgery to achieve the most minimal scarring. We encourage our patients to wear a special, discreet skin colored tape after surgery. It is comfortable and aids with wound healing. No uncomfortable bindings or bras are needed after breast lift surgery. These devices are ineffective and a poor substitute for surgical skill.

A Rapid Recovery
Most patients resume normal activity within a few days and report very little discomfort. This is often a procedure that can be performed at the end of the week with most patients able to return to work on Monday.

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