Botox offers dramatic results with no down time.

Botox in Portland with Guaranteed Results.

Bensimon Center is one of the Portland metro area’s most experienced and trusted resources for Botox in Portland, Oregon. With experience in the fine art of facial rejuvenation using Botox, fat injections and a wide variety of dermal fillers, our providers are experts who GUARANTEE your results. Information on dermal fillers can be found by clicking here: Dermal Fillers

How Botox Works
Botox is a safe, affordable and effective prescription medication that should only be administered by qualified medical personnel. Most facial wrinkles are caused by the repeated movement of facial muscles over time. For example, everyday facial movement like frowning or squinting will eventually form frown lines between the eyebrows. Botox blocks the nerve impulses at the treatment site, relaxing the muscles and causing the lines to fade. Our providers carefully plans treatment to produce a soft, younger, natural result without the “overdone” or “frozen” look of less experienced practitioners.

How Botox is Used
Crows feet, frown lines, and the forehead are the most common areas for Botox treatments. They can also be used soften smoker’s lines around the lips and soften the corners of the mouth that tend to turn downward as we age. Botox is also used to treat excessive sweating, an uncomfortable and often embarrassing condition known as hyperhydrosis. The most common areas treated include the palms of the hands, forehead and underarms.

Significantly, regular Botox treatments can actually change how the face ages, delaying and, in some cases, preventing many of the signature signs of aging.

Advanced Applications of Botox 
As an advanced practitioner of non-surgical facial rejuvenation, Andrea Stapleton, RN, CPSN oversees and performs complex treatments not available at other locations in Portland. She and our elite injection team is well-known for their comfortable, non-surgical brow lift that minimizes sagging and heaviness in the upper face, one of the early signs of aging. The non-surgical brow lift produces beautiful natural results that eliminate that tired appearance associated with aging.

Botox can also help refine a look. A good example is a nose that extends down a little too low. By rotating the tip of the nose a little higher, you can achieve a subtle but significant improvement.

The Non-Surgical Facelift in Portland
Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, Andrea Stapleton leads Portland area’s most experienced practitioners of the non-surgical facelift. They have performed literally thousands of non-surgical facelifts to provide dramatic results without surgery.

Many of the before and after photographs shown in the image gallery above are examples of the non-surgical facelift technique at Bensimon Center.  Using a combination of Botox, dermal fillers and fat injections, she sculpts and softens the contours of the face. A topical anesthetic is applied prior to treatment, making the procedure comfortable and virtually painless. There is minimal downtime with dramatic results, making the non-surgical facelifts an ideal choice for those patients who are not ready for surgery.

The Bensimon Center stands behind their work. After treatment, we schedule a two week follow up visit to assess your result and ensure your objectives have been met.

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