The BensiPeelTM deep chemical peel goes where no laser can and represents a major advance in the field of plastic surgery.

Before-and-after photos, courtesy of Dr. Bensimon:

The BensiPeelTM: A Modern Evolution of Deep Chemical Facial Peeling

The BensiPeelTM deep chemical peel offers the most dramatic result in facial skin resurfacing available today. It alters the deep structures of the skin for permanent and dramatic improvement of sun damage and facial wrinkles. Developed by Dr. Richard Bensimon, the recognized international authority on chemical face peeling, the BensiPeel is performed in the office as an outpatient procedure making healthier and more beautiful skin easier to attain.

The BensiPeelTM is a special combination of acids used in medicine for over a hundred years. When applied to the skin, the old damaged cells will slough away allowing for the growth of new healthier skin cells. There is no other modality in current medicine that can match the impressive result of this treatment. A noticeable improvement in the texture, tone and appearance of your skin is enhanced by the fact that your skin is actually healthier. This process not only results in smoother, younger looking skin, but is believed to destroy the dangerous cells that cause basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer of the skin. This peel is an excellent treatment for sun damaged skin at any age.

The History of the BensiPeelTM Deep Chemical Peel
A fascinating history exists around the development of facial peeling in the last century. Deep chemical face peels were brought to the United States in the early 20th century from Europe, not by doctors, but by lay-peelers. These colorful characters possessed highly guarded secret formulas and enjoyed considerable success, especially in Hollywood. As their notoriety increased, the medical establishment fought with them rather than learn from them and little progress was made.

A formula was finally obtained from a lay-peeler in 1961 by a plastic surgeon in Florida. A modified and easily reproducible version of the peel was published in 1962. Although this peel gave remarkable results, it left the skin with a ghostly white and unnatural appearance requiring daily use of makeup. Due to this drawback the peel was limited to severely wrinkled, older and lighter skinned individuals. While this treatment became the gold standard for facial resurfacing, it did not enjoy widespread popularity due to its limitations.

The formula remained unchanged for decades until the brilliant work of Dr. Gregory Hetter. Dr. Hetter was frustrated with the results he was achieving with the lasers and other peels. He performed a series of elegant experiments and was able to identify the active peeling ingredient in the peel published in 1962. He improved the formula and developed a peel with excellent clinical results without the drawbacks of the prior formula. He published his work in 2000, a classic in the plastic surgical literature, and ushered in a new era in chemical peeling.

Dr. Richard Bensimon applied the principals of Dr. Hetter’s work in his plastic surgery practice and achieved notable results. He shared his enthusiasm for this technique with Dr. Hetter, who appreciated the dedication to his work, and invited Dr. Bensimon to teach with him at a national conference. This led to a lasting friendship and close collaboration in the art of facial chemical peeling.

After several years of experience with Hetter’s technique, Dr. Bensimon recognized that there was great versatility in the peel and by altering the technique, the formula could be applied to a wider range of ages and skin types. With the evolution of the BensiPeelTM, the peel can now be performed as an office procedure without the use of general anesthesia.

The Most Complete Facial Rejuvenation
There are three major components of facial aging: sagging skin, loss of volume and changes in the texture of the skin. Sagging skin can be addressed with surgery. Loss volume can be corrected with dermal fillers and fat injections, but textural changes in the skin can only be corrected by changing the skin itself.

The BensiPeelTM provides the previously missing piece in complete and comprehensive facial rejuvenation, replacing damaged, wrinkled, aged skin with radiant, smoother and healthier skin. While facelift surgery is still excellent for improving the structural aging changes of the face, it does little or nothing to improve wrinkles around the mouth. When a facelift is followed by the BensiPeel, the best possible aesthetic result and skin health are achieved.

The bothersome wrinkling of the lower eyelids, usually beginning in the 30’s and 40’s, can be permanently improved in one office visit. The BensiPeel, whether used alone or in combination with surgery, offers a powerful tool to combat aging changes of the skin.

The importance of Dr. Bensimon’s work has been recognized by the international plastic surgical community. He has contributed multiple chapters in prestigious textbooks including a chapter in the major textbook of plastic surgery for the Spanish-speaking world. He gives frequent presentations both nationally and internationally and has been sought out to give live demonstrations in the United States, Mexico and Europe.

Simply stated, the remarkable results and longevity of these peels is unmatched by any other technique in use today and represents a major advance in the field of plastic surgery. Watch this demonstration prepared by Dr. Alexis Verpaele of his own experience with the BensiPeel.TM

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